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How to order from my website

November 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This is a little tutorial on how to order downloads and prints.

1. Begin by entering password to enter your private album.

type in password given to you 2. You must select which pictures you want to order. Click the select photos button

3. Now you can individually select by clicking on each picture or select all, in this example I select all

4. Now you want to hover over the buy button, and click select products

5. In products we will begin with downloads, click on it, then click customize

6. Now you have to drag and drop the images you wish to download.  You can hold down ctrl key while selecting to grab more than one.

7. Then you will add them to your cart.  And proceed to check out as with any online purchase.  After the transaction and you agree to the photo release you will be emailed a new link to download the images.

 Now on to how to order Prints

Follow steps 2-4

5. Choose prints in the menu (if you already did downloads you may need to click "shop" to get back to all options)


6. Choose to customize which size print you want to order from the menu

7.  Most Important Step. Make sure the crop of the picture is correct, you can drag it around to get the best fit.  Make sure all important features are within the red lines.  You can also make your photo paper choices here.  Then you will add to cart and proceed with the rest of your purchases.

There are other items available for purchases, such as cards, gifts, etc, follow the same steps above and click your option in the shop menu.


I hope this helps makes purchasing your items less confusing.  And you can always contact me with any questions.



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